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On JustAnalGapes.com, you can see the best anal gape sex videos, pics and porn GIFs for free. So, you like butt stuff, do ya? … Faggot … Just kidding, contrary to misinformed belief, there is absolutely nothing gay about being a fan of anal sex. Well, except for, of course, when the anal sex in question is between two men. Then it is 100%, without a doubt, unequivocally homosexual. Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay, obviously, if that’s your thing, own it! Just keep your dick away from my butthole and we won’t have any problems.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, by show of hands, how many of you have actually had anal sex? None of you? Okay, just as I expected. I mean, it’s pretty obvious, to be honest. Look at you. 95% of you haven’t even fucked a pussy yet. Of course, you haven’t done anal. And, for the other 5% of you, half of you only had sex once because you got lucky and became one of the biggest college regrets for some poor drunk girl at a party. The other half either haven’t bagged a freaky enough girl or just aren’t persuasive enough. No matter what the excuse is for why you haven’t done anal yet, I can say one thing with 100% confidence: it sucks to be you!

Of course, the butthole is no replacement for the pussy. Nothing could ever possibly come close to replacing the pussy, which is clearly God’s masterpiece. But the asshole is a beautiful backup hole, somewhere to go to mix things up from time to time. It’s extremely tight, though, so make sure you brought your lube with you if you’re thinking about trying to slip it in. Chances are, it ain’t just gliding in “on accident” (whoops! Looks like we’re having butt sex now, I guess!) No, that’s not how it works.

Because the butthole is so tight and is usually pretty dry, it can be tricky to get it in there. Well, at least you hope it’s pretty dry. If her butthole is slick upon entry and you haven’t lubed up yet, I hate to break it to you, but you got poop dick. Yeah, it may seem like a joke now. But I’ve heard horror stories. I know victims. #Neverforget. #Poopdick.

But, granted we don’t have a diarrheal butthole on our hands (or our dicks), the only way you’re slipping it in without preparation (and probably a pre-coital conversation) is if you have a micropenis. Then she won’t care where you put it because she won’t be able to feel if it’s in or not anyway.

It’s no small feat, getting your woman to let you fuck her in the ass. So, I’m willing to go out on a limb and take a guess that the closest your getting to a chick’s backdoor is through anal porn. Well, buddy, worry not, for I am here to introduce you to one of the best free porn tube sites on the web for anal videos: justanalgapes.com.

Awesome Site Design
That’s right, Your Porn has a whole section dedicated to butt stuff. In fact, most free porn tube sites should have an anal section. It is, after all, one of the most popular porn categories of all time. Probably because it’s so elusive, butt sex, and porn is meant to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality. But, as is the case with any kind of site, porn or otherwise, not all are created equal.
I quite like Your Porn (not to be confused, of course, with another popular free tube site, You Porn) in general. As far as free porn tubes are concerned, Your Porn has a sort of unique but effective site design. Everything is really sleek and easy to find on Your Porn. Plus, and this is one of the most important parts of porn site design if you ask me, nothing is overshadowing the actual porn. Sure, Your Porn has an extensive menu bar and customizable options for ordering the search results, but all of that really takes a backseat to what matters most: the porn.

The porn punches you in the nose the moment you land on Your Porn. It pops out above everything else. And I really think that’s the way a porn tube should be … porn forward, fuck all the other noise. The thumbnails that appear when you enter the Anal section of the site are well organized, high resolution, and informative.

Not only can you easily discern what’s to come in the scene (hovering your mouse plays a video clip preview), but you can just as quickly ascertain what models are in the video (all scenes are appropriately and effectively captioned), what studio produced it (in the bottom left hand corner of the thumbnail, what user uploaded it (just above), and how many comments / “likes” the video has (bottom right-hand corner), but you can also see what emoji reactions the video got by users, tags (sometimes in the caption), and how long the scene is. I don’t know if I can name you any other free porn tube sites that have managed to convey this much information all in a thumbnail (without it making the site look cluttered or sloppy anyway).

Enough Anal Porn for Two Lifetimes
Speaking of video length. That is another thing that I fucking love about Your Porn’s anal section. Unlike similar free porn tube sites—such as You Porn, Porn Hub, Red Tube, Spank Wire, etc.—Your Porn doesn’t fuck around with shortened or excerpted video clips the same way. You know what I’m talking about … how when you go to Porn Hub, it’s near impossible to find a full-length scene, especially from a professional studio. All you get, instead, are those little clips that give you like two minutes of each position in the scene, for a grand total of a ten-minute video.
On Your porn, though, this is not an issue. Enjoy full-length anal porn videos from all of your favorite pro studios that specialize in anal: Brazzers, Evil Angel, Tushy, Blacked, Casting Couch, Kink … the list goes on and on and on. Get ready to sit back, unzip, and enjoy hours and hours of hardcore ass fucking.

That’s another amazing thing about Your Porn’s anal category: there is literally a fuck ton of anal videos. In fact, you might even be able to call it an ass load (thank you, thank you very much). Call it whatever the fuck you want. I’ll just call it what it is: 811 pages of anal porn to satiate your fapping needs. That’s right, no need to get your eyes checked, I said 811 pages. Plus, as it is a tube site, you know it’s always getting updated with new video uploads. That’s more anal porn than you need in a whole lifetime.

Not only does Your Porn offer a nearly infinite amount of porn, it has some pretty cool and unique features as well. Firstly, if you sign up for a free account, you can comment on, like, react to (with a gambit of original porny emojis to choose from), and download videos (none of this should come as a surprise, this is pretty run of the mill when it comes to free porn tube sites nowadays). You can also favorite videos, create playlists, subscribe to other users, and (my personal favorite) let other users know if a video made you came or not. All you have to do is click the “orgasmic” button (a penis resting on a heart), and people will know whether or not a video gets the job done.

I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty fucking funny. It’s also a pretty novel metric for gauging the quality of a porn video. It’s easy, for instance, for someone to watch part of a video and say, ‘hey, that was pretty hot, I’m gonna smash the like button,’ but by adding a specific button for whether or not the video made you cum, well, that just might give a more honest measure of how good the video is. Either way, whether or not it’s a better metric for porn, you gotta respect Your Porn for doing something different than all the other free porn tubes!

All in all, Your Porn is probably the best free porn tube site out there for anal content. And, you know what, it’s definitely up there as far as porn tubes, in general, are concerned as well. Ditch the ads and provide just a little bit more community engagement, Your Porn, and I will gladly crown you as the king of free porn tubes, hands down.

Anyway, good luck on your endless quest for the butt. I hope that, in the meantime, that Your Porn’s anal section will help you to get by.

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